Annual cost of vision impairment


People have severe visual impairment

Globally, eye health is a big problem...

The rate of eye pathology is growing rapidly with an ageing population and a rise in chronic diseases such as diabetes.

However, access to specialist level eye health professionals is limited globally making it impossible to cope with the eyecare problem.

... and the story is getting worse

The existing patient journey for the majority of people is often inefficient.

Eye care specialist clinics are overrun

As an example, eyecare clinics in the UK are struggling to keep up with the estimated 10 million outpatient appointments made for eyecare problems every year.

Patients are losing sight due to wait times

Patients often wait over 4 months for an appointment with an Ophthalmologist. During this time they often suffer severe visual sight loss.

Inconvenience and avoidable expenses

Every unnecessary referral means patients must endure unnecessary travel, wait times and eye scan duplication.

Developing countries are left behind

Limited access to basic healthcare, let alone specialist eyecare, leaves vision problems undetected and results in severe sight problems for millions of people.

Sources: Prof Carrie MacEwen, Eye risk from overstretched NHS Royal College of Ophthalmologists, BBC Online March 2016.
Victoria Ward, Hundreds losing sight every year’ due to delays in NHS follow ups, Telegraph Online, March 2016.

Telemedicine helps solve the problem

Big Picture Eye Health makes Telemedicine viable for eyecare.

We have developed a modular patient centred end-to-end SaaS Tele-Eyecare solution. Having this solution gives patients rapid access to specialist level eyecare at a much lower cost regardless of their location.

Our solution can be used in primary healthcare settings (General Practitioners, Optometrists, Pharmacists), in Ophthalmology clinics and in hospitals. Being scalable, it can also be implemented as a nation-wide government-led screening service.

As a software company, our SaaS solutions are device agnostic. We ensure that we integrate with existing hardware, such as OCT’s, fundus cameras, visual field screeners and autorefractors, that is used by primary health care providers or specialists.

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Value and benefits

At Big Picture Eye Health our SaaS solution helps solve the key issues.


At a reduced cost, patients gain timely and convenient access to eyecare specialist services and ‘peace of mind’ by receiving their personalised Patient Report.


With a turnkey solution, providers gain access to invaluable clinical decision support tools and can provide added value to patients.


Benefit from implementing a cost efficient end-to-end patient centric solution that results in cost savings and increased system efficiencies.

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